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been loving the Sidewalks series - looking forward to more comics!

1. I've always loved Q*bert for some reason - his obscure language and body-shape just fascinates me.

2. Not a huge comics person but I grew up on the Indian comics of Amar Chitra Katha - would recommend googling his work.

3. I'm excited about cold drinks on hot summer days - homemade lassis in particular.

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Gorgeous intuitive design! Really exqusite and loose. I 🖤 Peanuts!


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Nice read, I have to watch that doc.

Eager to check Sidewalk.

1. Hard question, not sure. I'll have to think.

2. I don't read comics nowadays but I read Calvin and hobbes as a kid, and love to see comics when they appear, some "Dilbert" are really funny.

3. Nature, fireplaces

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Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think of the doc.

Love your answers and yes those two comics are classics. And I appreciate you for checking Sidewalk out.

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