What are your thoughts?

This was really interesting event! I didn't know about Figma's AI event. I hope you had fun discovering and seeing things in a new way!

What are your feelings toward new technology?

I'm somewhere in between. I don't hate it but I do like my old school traditional and classical aspect of things for example like actual books over ebooks. And also traditional art over digital art. But I've tried out both new technology and got a feel of what it's like. The future is bright and super excited to see what there is for the world to see and experience.

What is exciting you these days?

Learning new knowledge. Whether if it's about art or other crafts that spark my interest. Also diving into more of the unknown. Getting out of my comfort zone and discovering new things. Psychology and philosophy really interests me! Oh! And also connecting with like minded people and learning from one another. Really inspiring to see through the lens of another creative!

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Getting to see another person's creative point of view always fuels the soul. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Victoria. Keep going.

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Thank you for sharing yours, Aaron! I really love the wonders and stories you share! Really enlightening and inspiring! Please continue to share your love and discoveries!

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